FFXIV Free Company, Ixion Virtuosi (Siren-NA), is now accepting applications for new players, pro raiders, pvp junkies, crafter/gatherers, and much more! There are 15 ranks with many officer and leader positions available as well as mumble for team communication. Ixion has the best to offer from every aspect of the game. Clearing coil, establishing a steady raid and pvp group, building a mansion in the Mist are just a few of the many main goals, as well as also offering help to new players under lvl 50, FC contests, and even RP events. The leader, Vox Concora (aka "Ixion Maestro"), has been playing since the 2.0 beta, has co-found and been an officer to some of the top ranking FC's in Siren, and while being a top geared Black/White Mage, 4 star crafter, and provider of the realm, he now feels as though it is time to lead his own group of light warriors to victory. From pro to noob, this FC is for you! Apply now, and join us before the fall… and before the future of FFXIV 3.0!
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